Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hush now, Clarence Boddicker.

Lost started up again. I miss Shannon.

She was the bratty little rich girl that wandered fussily around the island for the first season and half. It's possible she annoyed you. To understand why I loved Shannon, you have to rewind to the beginning of the show. It went something like this:

"We've been on this island an hour and half. Jack, you're the mayor and sheriff. Kate, you and Hurley start building a windmill out of coconuts. The rest of us will construct a village and form hunting parties!"

Meanwhile, Shannon sat by the luggage and stared at the ocean, waiting for the boat to show up and rescue them. She had an organic sense of inertia. Like any normal person.

Shannon was the anti-Locke. Perhaps that's the key to my chagrin. I find John Locke as grating and insufferable as many people found Shannon. Now that everyone on the show is essentially Locke, I miss her even more.

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