Tuesday, August 26, 2008

EMOTICON DIPLOMACY FAILS - U.S. at war with Chinese gold farmers

Read a good article about gaming yesterday. The most interesting part is this idea that major corporations are going out of their way to hire WoW guild leaders for their organizational skills.

Topical, because only a week ago I tried to drag one of my arch-gamer cohorts over to Eve Online from Xbox Live. The results were disastrous. My friend, Killer, who is an utter badass with a 360 joystick, was 100% dysfunctional once you took away the spoon fed tutorials found in his "native" software. It was just sad. Like trying to teach a dog to fly a helicopter. Seriously, his intellect and the game's level of complication were that far apart.

Aside from the direct personal ramificiations, I was highly disturbed by the realization that my friend is actually one of the smarter kids I know. I immediately wondered how things like business and government were going to survive Killer's generation.

The answer, apparently, is that at least the people running World of Warcraft guilds will have the skills required to maintain infrastructures.

Well, I stand corrected. Problem solved. Silly me for worrying.

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